"Go forward!"1

At the cremation ground for my brother Mantu’s cremation, there were, I think, eighty-eight people. Many, many felt my presence very strongly, but one of them, who is very close to me, saw me so vividly that he could not control himself. He was telling others, “Look, look! I can see him clearly! I can see Chinmoy-da! He is clearly here, here, here!” But alas, others did not see me. Only he saw me, very vividly. He said my form was very luminous.

His brother, who is my absolutely dearest brother-friend in the Ashram, could not see me, so he said to me, “How is it that I could not see you, being your dearest brother-friend, but my brother could see you?”

What kind of answer could I give? I did not have any answer to give him.

We talked and talked and talked over the phone for about an hour. He had so many questions to ask me and I had so many things to tell him about his relatives who are not in the land of the living. Two years ago his mother passed away. Quite often his mother’s soul comes to me, only for my blessings and blessings.

There will be no end, no end. We have only to go forward. My relatives, my brothers and sisters, do not allow me to feel sad. They tell me not to mourn. As soon as I feel sad, immediately they make a special request or they command me, “Go forward, go forward, go forward!” My brother Mantu also has the same message: “Go forward, go forward! Do not think of me. Just go forward! You have so many things to do for this world.”

  1. HCE 6. 5 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York