Question: While meditating recently, I was overcome by some negative things that I know belong to the past. They suddenly became very real and they stayed with me all day. Is that normal?

Sri Chinmoy: Unfortunately, you entered into the subconscious plane. You have two rooms in your consciousness right now. One room is very clean, tidy and full of light. The other room is dark, dirty and messy. One room you have kept very clean and pure; that is your heart. The other room you have kept full of unimportant, negative experiences; that is your vital. Right now please do not try to enter into that room at all. For the time being, forget about your mind, vital and physical consciousness. Just live in the purity and light of your heart and soul room. If anything from your past will inspire you for tomorrow's existence, you can remember it. Anything that won't help you, just forget.

If these forces from your past life stayed with you all day, that means you were cherishing them. You are the person who has allowed these forces to enter. If you feel these things are your friends, then you let them in. If a stranger or an enemy comes, then you don't let him in. If you have let these forces into your heart and your conscious mind, then you have to use the fire of aspiration to burn them to ashes. You need purification. Burn these negative forces with your aspiration-flame.