Question: When I try to meditate, I very often feel that although I want to, some part of me resists and doesn't let me meditate well.

Sri Chinmoy: The part of you that wants to meditate is your soul, and the part that wants to stand in the way of your meditation is your vital. One reason that the vital does not want you to meditate is that it feels that it will lose you. The vital always wants to possess you and utilise you for its own purpose. It does not want the light, luminosity and delight of the soul. The soul makes you feel that light and delight are the only things that can fulfil you and give you a sense of satisfaction, but the vital makes you feel that these things are foreign and strange. Either it makes you feel that peace, light and bliss do not exist and that you are just wasting your time, or it tries to create a sense of fear in your unconscious mind. It may tell you that meditation will take you away from the members of your family and from your near and dear ones, or it may tell you that the world will mock and reject you.

So when you meditate, ask your soul, "Why do I have to meditate?" Let the soul give you the reason. It will tell you that if you meditate, it is for your own good. By meditating you will receive peace, light and bliss, so that you will always feel some meaning in your life. Otherwise, you will be totally lost. Your soul will show you that the reasons the vital gives you for not meditating are baseless and meaningless.