Question: Guru, I have a tendency to feel resentful when somebody tells me to do something, even the most unimportant thing, and even if it is you who is telling me. How can I become more obedient?

Sri Chinmoy: He who commands soulfully and he who obeys unconditionally enjoy the selfsame Bliss of the Supreme.

He who listens has the same strength as he who commands. I am your spiritual Master. I may tell you to do something and you have the power to listen to me. If you don't have the power to listen to me, then at that time you and I are not equal. If I say, "Do this," and you say, "Oh yes, I have done it," then we are one. Otherwise, if I tell you to do something and you don't do it, we will be in two different worlds. In the spiritual life obedience comes first. The Supreme has told me and I tell you, "Do this." An ordinary person might call this blind obedience because the person who is obeying is not using his brain. But I say he is using his wisdom-light. I have real Light and you are becoming one with me, so you are not so much listening to me as fulfilling the Supreme.

Try to keep your heart open; do not use the mind at all. When the mind is illumined by the heart's light, at that time you will be able to use it. Right now the mind is all confusion while the heart is all illumination. This heart will not keep the illumination only for itself. Far from it. The heart is the mother. When a real mother has something she will share it with her child. Still, the child has to be ready, or he will not appreciate it or want it or know how to utilise it. So the mother has to wait for the time when the child knows that the mango is something sweet and delicious.