Question: I am new to the spiritual life, and feel an uncontrollable urge to share my experiences with everyone I meet. Is it true that this is not desirable?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are inspired from within to share your experiences with a certain person, that is wonderful. If your Inner Pilot says, "Do it!" then do it, even if the whole world rejects your truth. But if God does not inspire you, if the Inner Pilot does not sanction it, then what will happen? You will just boast of the experiences you have had to anyone and everyone. Then some will mock you and ruin all your joy and inspiration, some will doubt you and make you doubt yourself, and some will be jealous of you and just stab you inwardly with all their undivine thought-power. Then your experiences will disappear, your aspiration will descend, and you will lose all your joy and all your inspiration.

When you get inspiration to help or inspire people in any way, you have to know whether the message that you want to offer to the world has been approved by God or has been commanded by God. If you feel that God has asked you to share your experiences with some particular person, then do it. Whether he accepts it or not is unimportant.

Even if your experience is absolutely real there is something called time, which is a great factor. If what you want to offer is untimely, you will create more disharmony than harmony in the world. If you give a child a university lesson while he is in kindergarten you will only confuse him and overwhelm him. Similarly if you offer your inner realisation to someone who is not ready, you may destroy the little possibility that he has. And if you yourself are not strong spiritually, the other person may also destroy the little capacity that you have. But if God asks you to help others, that means He has already given you the capacity and He has given others the proper receptivity.