Question: I feel aggressive and destructive vibrations in the atmosphere all around me. How can I cope with this?

Sri Chinmoy: Do you want to know how to cope with it or how to conquer it? In the outer world, the world of desire, we have made friends with temptation. Temptation is followed by frustration, and frustration is followed by destruction. But in the inner world, aspiration, divinity and immortality go together. If we want to be strong in the outer world, we should not allow the destructive forces to enter us. One has to be inwardly strong. It is inner strength that can conquer the undivine forces. To develop and cultivate this inner strength, one has to meditate daily without fail, early in the morning and if possible in the evening. Meditation means peace and peace is a solid wall within us, protecting us constantly from the turbulent and destructive atmosphere of the outer world.

Within us, we can build a fort, or let us call it an adamantine wall. We create it through our inmost aspiration. The higher the flame of our aspiration climbs, the stronger our inner wall becomes. The destructive forces from outside cannot pass through this adamantine wall.