Part X

HDW 52-73. These questions were answered by Sri Chinmoy on 20 January 2006 at the Awana Kijal Golf and Beach Resort, Malaysia.

Question: We were listening today to some of your writings that sound like reminiscences and I was wondering if you will release these writings? Are you preparing your own autobiography?

Sri Chinmoy: I have said so many things about my life, specially about my outer life. About my inner life I cannot say, because after God-realisation, every day is a big volume in the inner world. Before God-realisation, you can write your autobiography. But once you realise God, every day becomes such a thick volume that nobody will be able to write it down. Every minute, things are happening here, there, everywhere.

The inner biography or autobiography is simply impossible to write. Only a few experiences I have told and in some of my earlier poems, my highest experiences I have tried to describe. Again, the highest spiritual experiences you cannot express in words — never! Nobody has been successful, nobody since the beginning of creation. No matter how great a poet the person is, no matter how great a writer he is, the highest experiences are far beyond the capacity of the human mind to grasp. Even the same person who had the highest realisation cannot grasp it with the mind. And for the hand to write it down is simply impossible, impossible. Higher than the highest experiences can never be described in words. To make an attempt is simply a joke. There are very few inner experiences that the mind can grasp, spiritual Masters say. That is why the highest experiences can never be written down in words.

In Sri Aurobindo's case, his autobiography was gathered from here and there, from his letters and conversations and others gave it the name 'autobiography'. In my case, the things that I have said many, many times will eventually be printed in book form. True, at that time my own words will be there, so it will become an autobiography. But if other writers use their words to describe my life, then it will be a biography.