Question: How can I get rid of my fear?

Sri Chinmoy: Fear of what? That we have to know. Vastness can give us fear. Height can give us fear. Or, if we have done something wrong, we may be afraid that God will punish us in some way. Which kind of fear do you have?

Question: My fear comes from attachment. When I become attached to things, then I become afraid that one day everything will change and I will lose them.

Sri Chinmoy: When things change, fear does come. Only if we love God in His own Way can we remove this fear. We have to say, "God, You know what is best for me, what is best for the members of my family, what is best for everybody." If you can increase your love for God, then you will see that God is doing everything and will do everything for your good, for your good. The problem is, we always think that everything has to be done in our own way. Fear remains with us because we want to see something in our own way. We do not want to see it in God's Way.

If we become one with God's Way, there is no fear at all because we see God inside every change in our lives. We know He is doing everything for us, for our family, for everybody. Fear comes because we want to get the result in our own way. But when we surrender to God's Will, when God's Way becomes our way, then fear goes away and we become infinitely happier than we were when we wanted to have joy in our own way.

Do not think of fear, but think of your own faith in God, your own love for God. The more you have faith in God, the more you have love for God, the sooner your fear will go away. If we leave everything up to God, then God gives us what is necessary in order for us to make progress. As soon as we separate our individual will from God's universal Will, fear comes because we become responsible for our own desire. We only wonder, "Will my desire be fulfilled? How can it be fulfilled?" These kinds of rubbish questions come into our mind. But if we leave everything to God's Will, He becomes responsible for our aspiration. Then we have only to watch how God is operating in and through our aspiration-life.

You have to place fear itself at God's Feet and not try to deal with it in your own way, with your mind. Right now, you say, "Oh, fear has come into my life! I have to do this, I have to do that." But when you do this or that, you see that still fear is there. You are changing your process to conquer fear, but it does not work. If fear has come into you, very gladly and very powerfully place it at the Feet of God. Then God will take away your fear and replace it with His Light to work in and through your life.