Question: Does everything you do or not do mean something? For example, if somebody takes prasad when there are so many people around, is it of importance if you look at the person or not, or is it sometimes just coincidence?

Sri Chinmoy: Not at all! Even if I do not look at you, my heart-door I have kept wide open. If you are wise, you will say, "Oh, Guru does not have to use his human eyes. His third eye is wide open and his heart-door is open." Then you are getting everything from me. But if you come in front of me, right in front of me and I am looking at someone else, then you are finished! You will get zero if you are thinking, "Guru is looking to the other side, so how will I receive anything from him?"

When you take prasad, my heart-door is wide open. Just enter into my heart. I do not have to look at you. How am I going to look at each and every one? It is impossible. But if I keep my heart-door open to all, I do not have to open the door for each individual. With such affection, love, sweetness and fondness I have kept my heart-door open. When you take prasad, you have to feel, "Guru has kept his heart-door wide open for me." Otherwise, if I do not look at you and I look to this side or that side, you will feel, "O God, Guru does not care for me. I am standing right in front of him, but he has no time to think of me." That is not true!

If I see someone has tremendous hunger, then immediately I try to give that specific person attention, unconditionally. I shall give you an example. Recently someone pointed out to me the mother of another disciple. Outwardly I did not know who she was. She was here on the Christmas Trip for some time, for quite a few days. Two or three days ago, while people were coming to take prasad, she was not even looking at me; she was looking at the back of the individual who was ahead of her, or God knows what else she was looking at. Absolutely she was not looking at me and her concentration also was not on me. But my compassion and my love went to bless her. I said to myself, "She does not have to look at me." My unconditional affection and compassion I was pouring and pouring into her.

Unconditional things happen! That lady was not thinking of me deeply at that time. She is a very nice lady, very nice, very nice and I was very happy to have her here. At that particular moment during prasad, when she was passing by, her standard of consciousness was not high or deep, but I wanted to give her something. At a particular time it may happen that someone does not want anything. When the child does not care for something, the mother sometimes forces him to eat. In my case I do not have to force anyone. I can easily enter into the person and feed the soul. Like that I fed her soul, her heart and her entire existence.

In so many ways I can do my work! I do not have to adopt specific ways. I may be looking at you, but at the same time my third eye has the capacity to look at so many other people. My heart also has that capacity. My heart-door opens and immediately I see this one is entering, that one is entering. Again, somebody may be standing in front of me, but his consciousness is not high at all. I am looking at the person and people may think that I am pouring, pouring so much into him. Not at all! It can be totally my compassion that is operating.

Some people definitely receive my blessings when they are standing in front of me. Again, just because you are standing in front of me, it does not mean that you are very receptive. Perhaps somebody is standing in a long queue. Thirty or forty disciples may be ahead of him, but I am getting his receptivity. And the ones who are passing by me at that moment may not be receptive at all. No matter where you are, your receptivity is receiving everything.

If I want to give something inwardly to an individual, whether that person is ready or not ready, unconditionally I will give; at that time I will not wait. You do not want anything? So what? I want to give something to you! And I know that what I am giving you is not poison; it is nectar. It will not do you any harm.

Today is someone's birthday. She was passing by me earlier. She was wearing a sari and I saw her sari, but I did not look at her face. I saw her in the queue, but when she came up to me, I did not pay any attention to her outwardly. I only looked at her sari. I did not look at her face properly, so I gave everything into her sari. This is called occultism. Occultism does not need to enter through the face or eyes or nose. Through her sari, whatever I wanted to give, I gave — my blessings and love. I gave her my occult blessing. When I blessed her, all my love and blessings went into her sari and then immediately they went into her heart. Occultists can do these things. The sari was just an instrument.

Sometimes I look at your feet, but I give immediately to the heart. It may happen that I am looking at your heart, but I am not able to enter into your heart; whereas when I look at your feet, there I am getting more receptivity than from your heart.

When you pass by me, even if you think I am not looking at you, you must try to be as devoted and as receptive as possible. Otherwise, you may receive nothing, nothing, nothing from me! Some receive forty per cent, some sixty per cent, some eighty per cent; but some are not receiving anything. Where is their soulfulness, where is their devotedness as they pass by me? Alas, sometimes I see nothing, nothing, nothing. I must say, usually the girls are more soulful during prasad; but sometimes the boys do better meditation than the girls while the girls are taking prasad.

You will make the fastest progress the day you can feel and believe that I can do many, many things at the same time. Just because you cannot do it, just because you do only one thing at a time, if you think I am also of the same standard, then you are making a mistake. The King of Surakarta saw me inwardly and many others have seen me inwardly while at that very time I have perhaps been with my disciples, chatting away.

If you can feel and know that I can do many things at a time, then you will be more aware of your spiritual life. Otherwise, it is, "out of sight, out of mind." As soon as I am in front of you, you behave so divinely! Then, when I am out of sight, when you do not see me, all your monkey-qualities come to the fore. If you can feel that even while you are fooling around I am there, I am watching or I am enjoying everything, if you can feel that I am enjoying your jokes, then you are safe. But if you have the feeling that I am not present and that is why you can cut jokes and fool around, then you are making a mistake. When you are cutting jokes, if you inwardly feel and see that I am enjoying your jokes, although physically I am not there, then you are safe. But when you do not see me and do not feel me while you are cutting jokes and fooling around, then afterwards you will say, "O my God, I have wasted my time, I have wasted my time!"

Very good question!