Sri Chinmoy spoke about singing "The Invocation."

To my great sorrow, there are some disciples who do not sing "The Invocation" in the morning. In my case, the very first thing I do each morning is to play "The Invocation" on the harpsichord. I want everybody to sing, sing, sing "The Invocation" every morning. For me, if "The Invocation" is not a mantra, then what is it? The words are simpler than the simplest. The mind will say they are all simple, but God Himself is so simple. The air is so simple. The sky is so simple. Everything is simple. God loves to live in simplicity, not in complexity.

Dear ones, those of you who are not singing "The Invocation," start from tomorrow! Whenever you get up, if you get up at 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00 — whenever you get up, that is the best time to sing. And you must fold your hands when "The Invocation" is sung or played.