Question: On the Christmas Trip you said, if I understood correctly, that even when some of us want to be receptive and are crying to make some progress or crying for light in some way and you try to give it to us, we become frightened or we refuse it. I was wondering if there was something we could do so that we could be more receptive in that way.

Sri Chinmoy: There are many ways to create or develop receptivity, many, many ways. Two ways I shall tell you. One way is to imagine inside your heart a most beautiful lotus that is blossoming petal by petal. Then what will you do? You will appreciate the beauty and fragrance of that lotus. While appreciating, first you will see that inside your heart is the lotus. Then, gradually, you will see that your heart is no longer there; your heart has become a lotus. Your heart has disappeared and only a lotus remains. Then try to appreciate the beauty and fragrance of that lotus. That is going to give you enormous receptivity because you have become one with the beauty and fragrance of the lotus. When you become one with the beauty and fragrance of something that is pure, you are bound to develop receptivity.

Another thing is daily to fix a few times when you will recite either "Supreme, Supreme, Supreme, Supreme" or "Guru, Guru, Guru," whichever you like. I like "Supreme." He is also our Guru! Three or four times a day, for a few minutes if you recite "Supreme, Supreme, Supreme" or "Guru, Guru, Guru," you can easily develop receptivity.

Sometimes disciples do not receive, sometimes they resist and sometimes they revolt. Again, some disciples who are not as strong as other disciples develop such receptivity during our Christmas Trips! At that time they receive so much from me. To my great joy and astonishment, they make tremendous progress. Then, during the entire year, they do not have to do spiritual work. They can withdraw and withdraw from their spirituality-bank. Again, some excellent disciples receive so much, so much from me during our Christmas Trips. I tell you, it is unimaginable! You have to know which category you belong to.