Question: You have said that sometimes God blesses the world with His Compassion and sometimes with His Justice-Light. Is it possible that God may act in various ways in the same situation?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us say that some people are doing something wrong and they are getting God's Compassion, whereas others who are doing the same kind of thing are getting God's Justice-Light. Why? We have to believe in the past and also we have to believe in the future. At what point God may withdraw His Compassion-Height and at what point God will bring down His Justice-Light, we do not know.

The mind will say that somebody has done something wrong and he deserves punishment. Why is God waiting and waiting? Why is He only showing His Compassion-Height and not His Justice-Light? Nobody will be able to escape God's Justice-Light, but God has His own Hour. Our difficulty is that with our minds we try to bind the time, fix the time. We say, "He is such a bad fellow. He should be punished at this very moment, or in a week or in a month or in a year." Unfortunately, God's choice Hour we do not know. That is why it seems that somebody has escaped punishment. But God's Justice-Light nobody will be able to escape — nobody, nobody. It is a matter of time. God has kept a fixed Hour when that person will be punished.

Again, I wish to say that God's Justice itself is a kind of Compassion. If God uses His Justice-Light, it is for our good. When God uses His Justice-Light, it is to illumine an individual, not to destroy him.