Scene 1

(The home of the sage Gautama, who has recently died. His three sons are together.)

TRITA (to his two brothers): Now that our father is not with us, we have to be very clever and wise.

EKATA: Certainly we have to. What do you think we should do?

TRITA: Let us go to our father’s disciples. Father had quite a few rich disciples. They will sympathise with us; they will give us gifts, all sorts of gifts. They will give us their cows, and we will be able to sell milk. With their gifts we shall be able to stay on earth without working.

DWITA: That is a splendid idea. Let us go and get all we can, whatever wealth his disciples give us. This is our opportunity. Right now they are mourning, they are crying for their Master. This is the time when they will be very large-hearted and sympathetic towards us.

(Exeunt omnes.)