Scene 2

(The three brothers have gone to the homes of the disciples. Each disciple has offered them gifts. They are returning home with many cows and expensive things. Ekata and Dwita are behind the cows and Trita is ahead of the cows. Suddenly Trita sees a bear and runs away. While running, he falls into a very deep well. The bear does not disturb the other two brothers. It just leaves the place. Trita cannot get up out of the well. He shouts for his brothers.)

EKATA (to Dwita): Dwita, this is our opportunity to go home with all the cows and the money. We shall share it only with each other.

DWITA: Trita is the cleverest and the most learned. He always manages to get the most of everything. This is the time for us to share with each other and not have him in our family any more.

(Exeunt Ekata and Dwita.)

TRITA: O God, come and save me. My two brothers are so inhuman. They have heard me crying, but they are not coming to my rescue. Save me, God, please save me.

(Enter a cosmic god.)

TRITA: Please help me out of this well.

COSMIC GOD: With my occult power, I am filling the well with water again. The water will raise you to the top of the well. Then you will be able to get out.

(Trita soon climbs out of the well.)

TRITA: Since you are so kind to me, please grant me another boon.

COSMIC GOD: What is the boon?

TRITA: That whoever touches the water of this well will be purified. No matter what kind of sin he has committed, he will be forgiven if he touches the water of this well.

COSMIC GOD: Granted.

TRITA: Now, give me a third boon.

COSMIC GOD: What is your boon?

TRITA: I will be so grateful if you grant me the boon that any desire of mine will be fulfilled.

COSMIC GOD: You will have to pray and meditate to get that boon. Stay here; pray and meditate. If you please me, that boon also I will one day grant. You pray and meditate here. When the time comes, I shall come and bless you, and your wish will be fulfilled.

TRITA: Thank you, O Lord. I shall do nothing but pray and meditate until you come back again.