Scene 3

(In Heaven.)

GAUTAMA: O Lord Supreme, I have hundreds of disciples, but it is only my own sons who are quarreling and fighting. Look at this. Two sons did not come to save the third. A cosmic god went and helped him. Now he is meditating to get a boon from the cosmic god that all his desires will be fulfilled. Look at these three sons of mine! I am ashamed of them. How is it that my sons behave this way when I was so spiritual? By Your Grace I realised You. How is it that my own sons are unspiritual? How did it happen?

SUPREME GOD: Gautama, the physical sons are not your children, it is the spiritual sons who will realise you. They cry inwardly. They need spirituality, they need God, they need Love, they need Light, they need Truth. Your physical sons do not care for these things. Whoever cries for Truth, Love and Light will get them. Look at Krishna. Krishna’s own children were not spiritual at all. In your case, also, it is the same. But Krishna’s devotees, like Arjuna and Vidura, realised Me. So don’t worry. Your real sons are those who think of Me and meditate on Me. Your physical sons, from now on, are only part of My creation. Do not expect anything from them. Expect everything from your spiritual children who are thinking of you, meditating on you and praying to you and to Me. They will attain realisation. As you know, we are dealing with Infinity, and Eternity. One day your physical sons will also realise Me. But right now, I wish you to consider only those who cry for Light and Truth as your real sons.

GAUTAMA: I understand, O Lord, that my real sons are those who think of You and meditate on You, those who need Light and want to live constantly in Light and for Light.