Scene 1

(The Master is with two male disciples, Insincerity and Impurity, and two female disciples, Jealousy and Insecurity.)

MASTER: Insincerity, you are killing me. Impurity, you are killing me. Jealousy, you are killing me. Insecurity, you are killing me.

INSINCERITY: Master, I know that I am insincere, but please tell me how I can become sincere.

MASTER: Fast for one day. Fast today for the whole day, and tomorrow come and see me.

IMPURITY: Master, I know I am impure, but please tell me how I can be pure.

MASTER: Fast today. Don’t eat anything. Come back tomorrow.

JEALOUSY: Master, I know I am jealous. But how can I get rid of my jealousy? Please tell me.

MASTER: Fast today. Eat nothing at all. Tomorrow come and see me.

INSECURITY: Master, I know I am insecure. At every moment I am insecure. Please tell me how I can be secure, how I can have confidence in my life.

MASTER: Don’t eat anything today. Fast. Don’t have even a glass of water. Come back tomorrow and I shall tell you how you can have a life of security. All of you go home and come back to me tomorrow. I shall tell you (to the boys) how you can be sincere and pure, and how you (to the girls) can get rid of jealousy and insecurity.