Scene 2

(The following day the four disciples return to their Master together.)

MASTER: Insincerity, how do you feel today?

INSINCERITY: Master, I feel very, very weak. Yesterday I didn’t eat anything. That’s why I feel so weak.

MASTER: See, you have become sincere today. Yesterday you didn’t eat and that’s why you are weak. So your sincerity has spoken through you. You are no longer insincere. But now, how can you maintain your sincerity? From now on, see two persons in your life. There are two types of people: one is inferior to you and one is superior to you. When you see someone inferior then immediately say inwardly to yourself: “It is beneath my dignity to lie to this person who is inferior to me. Why should I be afraid of him? Let me speak out freely and say what I think.” And when you see someone who you feel is superior, then say to yourself, “Oh, he is my superior. Today or tomorrow he will catch my lies, and I will be punished. So why should I lie to him? Punishment and embarrassment will be my fate.” You can conquer your insincerity in this way. By telling the truth to both inferiors and superiors, you can bring Perfection into your life. (To Impurity.) Impurity, how do you feel today?

IMPURITY: Oh, I feel much purer today. I feel really pure today.

MASTER: Once a month you should fast, and drink only water and juice. Don’t eat solid food one day each month. That will help you in your purity. But in order to maintain inner purity all the time, early every morning, breathe in and out at least fifty times. Each time you breathe in, feel that you are breathing in not air, but purity. And each time you breathe out, feel that you are breathing out only impurity. And in the evening, feel that you are breathing in Light and breathing out gratitude to God. This way you will have purity every day, every hour, every second in your life. (To Jealousy.) Jealousy, how do you feel today?

JEALOUSY: I feel quite fine. I feel that I am lighter today. Yesterday I didn’t eat at all, and today I feel lighter.

MASTER: For only one day you have not eaten, and already you feel light. Now feel that the food that you did not take yesterday was ignorance. For one day you did not eat ignorance. For one day you did not allow this food to enter into you. That’s why you feel light. So feel, Jealousy, that there is a kind of food which is ignorance. If you eat it, you become heavier. If you don’t eat it, you become lighter. From now on, do not allow yourself to be tempted by this food called jealousy. When you don’t eat it, you will feel light; then you can run the fastest towards your Goal. What do you want? You want to reach your Goal, the sooner the better. So don’t eat this ignorance-food, which is jealousy. (To Insecurity.) Insecurity, how do you feel today?

INSECURITY: Master, I feel very weak today. It seems to me that my insecurity has increased today along with my physical weakness.

MASTER: It is true. Insecurity is already spiritual weakness, and when you do not eat, you become physically weak as well. When physical weakness is added to weakness in your inner life, naturally you will be even more helpless than you were before. First make yourself physically strong. You can make yourself physically strong by eating normal food every day. And you can make yourself spiritually strong, confident, by feeling that God needs you and wants to have you in His Heart, because He wants to be complete; He wants to be universal. Always feel that He whom you need, God, also needs you in order to be all-pervading. You feel that God is very great and He can easily do without you. Yes, He can do without you, but He cannot be perfect unless and until He has made you perfect. Since He is for all, He can be all-perfect only by making you perfect. So try to have confidence. This is your security. Give to God what you have: ignorance. Don’t hold it for yourself; give it gladly, cheerfully, constantly to Him. And feel that since you have played your part, then it is His Duty to give you what He has: Light. Devotedly, confidently give Him your ignorance, and receive devotedly and confidently His Light. In this way you will always remain secure and confident.

(The four disciples bow down to their Master with utmost gratitude. They sing together.)

Khama karo khama karo ei sheshbar
samarpiba jaya malya charane tomar
ami taba asimer mauna barabhay
tumi sindhu ami bindhu mor parichai

(Forgive me, forgive me, this is the last time, forgive me.
I shall offer to You at Your Feet the garland of Victory.
I am the silent compassion of Your Infinity.
You are the Ocean, I am the tiniest drop.
This is my only identification.)