Editor's introduction to the first edition

What is a divine play? It is man singing, dancing and laughing in the heart of God.

What is a human play? It is God singing, dancing and laughing through the heart of man.

In a divine play, man is the actor and God is the director.

In a human play, man’s imagination is the actor and God’s inspiration is the director.

God likes to watch human plays. He watches His children playing with His Creative Vision. God is a most appreciative audience.

Man likes to watch divine plays. He watches himself becoming the revealing Light and watches God becoming the manifested Delight. Man is a most appreciative audience.

In these twelve dramas, some original and others drawn from traditional Indian classics, we see the human play and the divine play themselves playing together. Written with a sublime purity and poetic forcefulness, these works express man’s highest artistic aspiration and realisation, and represent significant human plays. But, written as they are by a God-enlightened Soul, they also possess a divine intensity and supreme illumination that take them beyond ordinary drama to the level of divine Reality itself. These are not plays about spiritual reality, but the very substance of spiritual reality; not plays at all, but the very breath of Divinity breathing through the lips of illumined humanity.