Silence within, sound without2

Silence within, sound without. Silence-Eternity within, Sound-Infinity without. Silence-Eternity-Dream within, Sound-Infinity-Reality without.

Silence is God the Creator. Sound is God the creation. Silence is the progress-delight of God the Creator. Sound is the success-height of God the creation.

Silence is never, never afraid of sound, but sound is always afraid of Eternity's and Immortality's vastness-silence.

My silence-heart-life is a non-stop aspiration-flight to my transcendental Goal — the Goal of the ever-transcending Beyond. My sound-mind-life quite often carries me into a tenebrous indolence-coma.

With my silence-heart, I always claim God as my own, very own. With my sound-mind, at times I praise God and at times I blame God, depending on my success-smiles and failure-cries.

When my sound-life lives in the shackles of bondage, when I live only in my buried hopes, at that time my silence-heart comes to the fore and inspires me with new hope, new inspiration, new aspiration and new dedication to go and visit my Lord's Forgiveness-Heart, Compassion-Eye and Protection-Feet.

My silence-soul is the only teacher that teaches me how to speak to God and how to listen to God devotedly, soulfully and unconditionally.

Man's eternal question: "Where is God?"

God’s eternal question: "How to please man?"

Silence has the answer to these questions.

Indeed, silence is the answer.

Silence, silence!

HPO 2. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 17 February 1989.