Meditation is God-discovery. Meditation is self-mastery. Meditation is man's Eternity's progress-light in God. Meditation is God's Infinity's Satisfaction-Delight in man.

Meditation is for the truth-seeker. Meditation is for the God-lover. God's transcendental Vision-Eye blesses man the truth-seeker. God's universal Oneness-Heart embraces man the God-lover.

Yesterday's meditation-message: "Realise God." Today's meditation-message: "Realise God, plus manifest God." Tomorrow's meditation-message: "Realise God, manifest God and, finally, become another God."

My mind's good meditation is the bankruptcy of my self-doubt and God-doubt. My heart's better meditation is my vastness-fulfilment and my oneness-perfection. My soul's best meditation is my life's God-manifestation here on earth.

Before I meditate, I compel my reasoning mind to disappear. Before I meditate, I beg my loving God to appear.

After I meditate, I soulfully offer myself a new name: gratitude. After I meditate, God, out of His infinite Bounty, blesses me with a new and fruitful name: satisfaction.

Each time I meditate on God, He teaches me a new life-surrender-song. Each time God meditates on me, I offer Him a new gratitude-heart-song.

Earth meditates for man's transformation. Heaven meditates for God's Satisfaction. I meditate for my nature's complete perfection. God meditates for the universal manifestation of His own Transcendental Consciousness and Transcendental Vision here on earth.

HPO 4. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, 5 March 1989.