Oneness-nest is the monumental magnitude of human life. Oneness-nest is the pathway to Infinity's perfection-delight. Nothing on earth will ever be immortal save Divinity's fulness-light in humanity's oneness-nest.

Our aspiring heart easily, quickly and unmistakably finds oneness-nest. Our unaspiring mind right now does not feel the supreme necessity for oneness-nest. But there shall come a time when our unaspiring and doubting mind will be transformed into an aspiring mind and aspire just like the heart. At that time our mind also will definitely find oneness-nest.

When our mind can soar above desire-clouds, we will have peace, and inside this peace what will loom large is oneness-nest.

When we can leave fear outside our heart's door and doubt outside our mind's door, we will have peace of mind, and inside this peace of mind we shall find oneness-nest.

Just like the seekers of the hoary past, the present-day seekers are all longing for oneness-nest. Inside each and every seeker is a soul-bird, and this soul-bird inside us has been singing throughout Eternity for the establishment of oneness-nest, which is God's supreme Victory here on earth.

In the near or distant future, our soul-birds definitely will manifest this victory here on earth. But first, we must give to God what we have: our sleeplessly unconditional surrender. Then, in return, God will blessingfully give us what He eternally is: His Fondness-Oneness-Nest.

HPO 6. Buchman Hall, New York, New York, 13 March 1989.