Question: How can we all manifest love more?

Sri Chinmoy: There are three types of love: animal love, human love and divine love. Animal love is all destruction. If we enter into the animal consciousness, we see it is all destruction. Human love always tries to possess and be possessed. Divine love wants to expand and establish oneness.

Because we are seekers, our aim is to have always divine Love in us. How do we cultivate this divine Love? We cultivate divine Love by entering into the Source. The Source is God, who is all Love. When the seeker enters into the spiritual life, he does not have to have all the occult powers. No, he does not need God's occult powers to perform some miracles so the whole world will be at his feet. The seeker does not want that. He prays to God only for one thing: for a big, vast, sublime heart, so that inside his heart he can feel the entire humanity. He is praying to God because God is all love to him and love to everybody. God's greatness can fascinate him. But God's greatness will not satisfy him. Only God's Goodness will satisfy him. God's Goodness is His Love. It is God's Love-aspect that has conquered him.

At every moment we have to be very careful whether it is human love or divine Love that has entered into us or is operating in and through us. If we give someone something and then expect something in return because we feel that the person is under an obligation to give us something back, this is human love. But if we can do something unconditionally, that is divine Love. In divine Love we give for the sake of giving and we feel it is up to the other person whether he gives us something back or not. This is unconditional Love, this is divine Love.

Then there is something called supreme Love. Supreme Love far transcends even divine Love. In supreme Love we have to know how, when and in which manner we love an individual. Sometimes it may happen that God's Hour has not struck in someone. At this time God wants an individual to stay fast asleep in ignorance. This means God has decided that that person will take two days or two years to wake up. I, as an individual, knowing it is not good to remain asleep in ignorance, feel I should go and knock at his door. But he is fast asleep, his room is untidy and he will be furious. He will say, "What right do you have to come and awaken me? I am enjoying sleep; you have no right to disturb me." But if God's Choice Hour has struck for this individual, I will go and knock at his door and he will be so grateful to me that I have awakened him, for it is high time for him to pray and meditate.

When we cultivate supreme Love, we give all importance to God's Choice Hour. In divine Love our motive is excellent, even unconditional. We want to knock at someone's door and wake him up so that he can meditate. It is for his good we are doing it, but it may be untimely. The mother is knocking at the son's door and saying, "Get up, get up, it is high time!" The mother is doing the right thing but the son gets furious. He says, "No, don't bother me; I am going back to sleep. Today I don't want to go to work; I don't want to go to school." But if we have supreme Love, we will not only do the thing unconditionally but also at God's proper Hour. Then we will not be misunderstood. Each seeker will feel that we have done the right thing for him.

Animal love is out of the question for seekers. Divine love is far better than human love. To give anything unconditionally is the most difficult thing. So until we know what supreme Love is, let us at least try to come out of human love and offer divine Love.

I am extremely grateful to all the seekers here. As I said before, I feel perfectly safe here for we are all in the same boat, and we are all heading towards the same destination: Truth-discovery and God-discovery, which are one and inseparable.