Meeting with the Lord Mayor of Perth

Sri Chinmoy met with the Lord Mayor of Perth, the Honourable Earnest Lee-Steere, at the Lord Mayor's office at Council House, Perth on 3 March 1976.

Service at the U.N.

Lord Mayor: You do a lot of good work for the people in the United Nations, I believe.

Sri Chinmoy: I try to serve mankind according to my capacity. Whenever I am given the opportunity to be of any service feel it is most rewarding. So I try my hardest to serve mankind, not only at the United Nations, but everywhere. I go from one place to another, like a bird, and try to offer to others the light that God, out of His infinite Bounty, has granted me.

Lord Mayor: I think it's wonderful that you do this, because so many people, particularly those who hold the so-called prominent positions for their countries at the U.N., seem to need it. In my experience with local government, it's slightly disappointing to see the number of people who are ostensibly there to serve their fellow citizens when, in fact, their main motivation seems to be to glorify themselves. I think a person such as you, who is so humble in himself, trying to give light to people in so-called prominent positions, probably reminds them to be more dedicated to the ideals they are supposed to be serving rather than to themselves.