In the beginning, we have to imagine Infinity. Then we have to feel it, and afterwards we have to see it with our inner vision. When we can see Infinity in an atom, in a molecule, and feel the molecule is for us, then we shall know what Infinity is. For us to see a small drop inside an infinite ocean is easy because our mind tells us that easily a drop can be inside the ocean. The mind knows it is true.

But the heart's inner vision knows that it is always mutual: if we can be inside God, God also can be inside us. We know that the Infinite can easily house the finite, but our mind tells us that the finite cannot house the Infinite. Both the Infinite and the finite are nothing other than God the Beloved and His child. Inside God the Beloved, we can see His child, and inside the child, we have to see God the Beloved. It is a game. God tells us that whatever He is and whomever He is, we are also exactly the same. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He is everything. Whatever He has and whatever He is, we have and we are. It is like hide-and-seek. The Infinite is hiding and the finite is searching for it. Then, when the finite hides, the Infinite searches for it. So when we can see Infinity inside the finite the way we see the finite inside Infinity, then we become a real player in God's Cosmic Game.