Let us first talk about intuitive faculties. Some animals have more intuitive faculties than human beings. That does not mean that they are superior to human beings. No. Only they are more in tune with Mother Nature. Those who are more in tune with Mother Nature develop intuition. Through prayer and meditation, we can also develop intuition. And again, by loving Mother Earth, by loving a flower, loving a leaf, loving a tree, loving the water, loving Nature's beauty, we can develop intuition.

If you want to develop intuition through prayer and meditation, imagine that you are following a road that is longer than the longest. Imagine somebody is walking beside you and that person has a flashlight. When he starts using the flashlight, you see that the road is becoming shorter and shorter and shorter. Intuition brings the longest road right in front of you.

Sometimes when I ask what is happening in Germany or Russia or some other place, I do not know the details, but my intuition just brings a particular family or some individuals who are in need of my inner help right in front of me. So intuition can go to the farthest and, again, intuition can bring the farthest right in front of you.

But if it is difficult for you to develop intuition through prayer and meditation, only appreciate the beauty of the flowers, the beauty of the grass. If you can identify yourself with the beauty aspect of Nature, then you will develop intuition. That intuition is very, very pure, but it is limited.

If a spiritual person has intuition, his intuition is infinitely stronger than the intuition of those who do not pray and meditate. But I have to say, why should you pray and meditate in order to acquire intuition? You need only realisation. Realisation is a vaster than the vastest oneness. Intuition is not oneness. With your intuitive capacities, you will try to know what is happening somewhere else. Why do you have to know what is happening somewhere else when you have the capacity to become everything and everyone? That is realisation.

Awareness, on the other hand, is far inferior to intuition. We may be aware of something — a tree, for example — but we have no way to bring the beauty and purity of the tree to us. However, if you have intuition, you can inwardly go to where the tree is and enjoy the beauty and purity of the tree.

Intuition gives you an inner connecting link with the object. You can either go where it is or you can bring it right in front of your vision. For intuition, there is a connecting road, but awareness does not have a road.

Again, realisation goes far beyond intuition. When you have realisation, you see the tree with all its leaves and flowers and fruits right inside you. You do not have to go anywhere.

We may be aware of something, but we cannot bring it to us. Intuition can go there or intuition can bring the reality of that object to you. So intuition is infinitely more important than awareness.

We can be aware if somebody is very bad and we can be aware if somebody is very good. But simply by becoming aware of somebody's bad qualities, we cannot remove those bad qualities. We are aware of his bad deeds, but we are helpless; we cannot do anything. But if, by intuition, we know of somebody's bad qualities, then we will try to do something. Whether we will be successful or not, we will try to help him turn over a new leaf.

Again, if we have realisation, which is oneness, we will take it even more seriously. At that time, we will take it as our bounden duty to be of service to that person.