In the outer world, we use the term 'self-giving'. In the inner world, we use the term 'God-becoming'. The more we give to humanity, the sooner we grow into our larger than the largest heart. In an ordinary sense, when we spend five minutes with someone, we feel that we have given them eternity. Then again, if we like or love someone and we stay with them for five hours, we feel that we have given only five seconds. This is our way of thinking. If we love someone, two hours becomes one minute and if we do not like someone, one minute seems like two hours.

So when we are in the physical or when we are in the mind, and we offer ourselves, we give an iota of our existence and immediately we feel that we have given the equivalent of one million dollars. But if we remain in our heart, we will feel that we have so much more to give, so much more to give — our love, our peace, our light, our bliss. We will feel that what we have given is next to nothing.

So when it is a matter of self-giving, when we are in the mental world, we feel that it is a waste of time. We feel that we are just wasting our energy. But when we are in our heart, we feel that we have much more to give. We feel that our self-giving can never come to an end. We say, "Let the person come again. I will give him more, more, more."

When you remain in the heart, self-giving has divine reality in it; it is inexhaustible. The qualities that you are offering — joy, love, goodwill, concern — are absolutely infinite. Anything divine you have in infinite measure, provided your self-giving comes from the heart. If it comes from the mind, you will give practically nothing, but you will feel that you have given everything. At that time, what is the use of self-giving?

When you give from the heart, you always feel, "I am a fool! I could have given much more, much more." Self-giving in the heart always unites us with vastness. Self-giving in the mind always binds us and binds us. It makes us miserable. We regret it because we feel that we have wasted our precious time. But when we give from the heart, we feel an endless supply of joy, light and so many other divine qualities.

So when you perform an act of self-giving, always feel that it is coming from the heart and not from the mind.