Love can be theoretical, but service always has to be practical. Sometimes we may say, "He is a practical man." That is not the meaning of the word 'practical' in this context. Here, 'practical' means to serve God in the way God wants us to serve Him.

If you want to know which one pleases God more, love or service, then I must say that love is good, but service is better. Love is an inner feeling. Service is also an inner feeling, but service manifests, whereas love identifies.

Identification is not enough. It must be followed by manifestation. If you want to do something for the world, love and service must go together, but God will appreciate your service more because you are doing something for Him that is tangible here, there and everywhere.

God-service means God's immediate manifestation on earth. Those who serve God are all the time creating something new, new — new for God on earth.