Question: What is the difference between imagination and vision?

Sri Chinmoy: Vision comes directly from the third eye. The source of vision is infinitely higher than the source of imagination. With His cosmic Vision, God created this world. Imagination can be high, higher, highest. But if we are touched by God's infinite Grace, we can know what His Vision is or even be endowed with God's Vision. Then we will easily see that imagination is infinitely, infinitely inferior to God-given vision.

There is a great difference between inner vision and imagination. Imagination has a reality of its own; it can be very high, very lofty and very deep. Imagination can come from a very, very high realm of consciousness. But the source of vision is infinitely higher than even the highest plane of imagination.

Vision is like the Himalayas in height, and imagination is like a small hill. When we imagine, usually our mind operates. I am not saying it has to be the earth-bound mind; it can be the higher mind. If we can imagine something very lofty, very divine and very pure, and if we can manifest it, then it is a great blessing for Mother-Earth. But when we use our vision or third eye, at that time the Source of creation is operating in and through us.

Sri Chinmoy, My heart-melody.First published by Agni Press in 1994.

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