Question: As your disciples, does our aspiration or lack of aspiration affect the general public or people that we will never see?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely it affects others. Our aspiration creates good results, and our lack of aspiration unconsciously weakens the inner strength or some of the good qualities of others. Either way, it starts with the immediate members of our family, our dear ones, and then it goes outward to our neighbourhood. If our aspiration is very strong, it covers a certain distance — a mile or two, or even more. Again, if somebody has most intense aspiration, the positive effect can cover a very, very long distance. After getting realisation, if one aspires in and through mankind by becoming one with humanity for the betterment and transformation of the world, at that time aspiration itself will cover the length and breadth of the world. God-manifestation is part of this kind of aspiration. If I decide, "I do not need manifestation anymore; I have suffered enough," immediately I will notice a difference in the world atmosphere. Whatever the world condition is now, it will be worse.

When you as a seeker maintain your highest aspiration, it definitely helps your near and dear ones. This will not only happen in your own Centre; your aspiration can go and help your brother or sister disciples in a Japanese Centre or somewhere else. That is why I say, if one person is in his highest, it helps his dear ones, no matter where they are. Our dear ones are members of our spiritual family, not only in the same Centre but also in other Centres. The aspiration of an individual, no matter which Centre he or she belongs to, can be of tremendous help to others. Similarly, when something unfortunate happens, immediately it lowers the consciousness of others.

Definitely our aspiration or lack of aspiration affects the world around us — both the little world in our immediate vicinity, and even the larger world, the earth-planet.