Question: How can we love you but not make demands on you?

Sri Chinmoy: When a child stands in front of his father and the father starts counting his money, the father tells the child, "This is all your money, only if you get it now, you won't be able to use it for any proper purpose." But the child is satisfied with one cent, or a nickel, which he gets from his father. Demand comes only when we feel that we will not get the thing that we want or need, that it will go to somebody else. A child knows that his father will eventually give him all his possessions when the proper time comes. When the father holds on to his money, the child does not make any demands. When he comes to hear that it is all his money, he is satisfied with the nickel that he has.

I am your spiritual father, and I am giving you boundless Peace, Light and Bliss. You make demands because you feel that everything is going to somebody else, that somebody else will grab my spiritual wealth. But a spiritual Master, if he is really a spiritual Master, will have Peace, Light and Bliss in boundless measure. These things can never decrease no matter how much he gives to somebody else. You have to feel that the very spiritual qualities that you want, you will definitely get when the time comes.

If you try to pull and push, you are making a serious mistake. By pulling and pushing you cannot expedite God's Hour. You will do your best; you will aspire as sincerely as you can, but the hour of your fulfilment will be fixed by God and not by you or me. We cannot fix the hour. If God wants to give you realisation tomorrow, then you will get it tomorrow. But if He wants you to have realisation four years later, then you have to wait for it. Just because somebody else has attained God-realisation does not mean that you can get it immediately. You will definitely get everything eventually, but if you demand from God, this only delays your progress. You can have perfect trust in the Supreme that when the time comes, you will get everything. If you want to expedite the hour with your personal vital demands, I am sorry to say, that will be total failure. At that time you will become responsible for your life. When you do not make demands, God is responsible for your life.