Question: How can I know whether I am doing my will or your will?

Sri Chinmoy: People are under the impression that if they are exercising their own will, everything is all right, and if they do not use their will, then they are useless people. But spiritual surrender is not like that. A spiritual Master is not like a boss; he is the highest part of yourself. Your head and your feet are both part of you, but you know that your mind is more developed than your feet, so you follow the dictates of your mind, not your feet. But in the spiritual life you are going far beyond the domain of the mind. Your existence comes from the highest triple Consciousness. This finite existence comes from sat-chid-ananda, infinite Truth, infinite Consciousness and infinite Delight. You are part and parcel of that. You have to feel that I am your highest part, and not a separate individual. I am a human being, agreed, but if you want to be totally merged into my divine consciousness then you have to make yourself feel as empty as possible. If you can leave your vessel empty, then only can my will enter and fill you to the brim. If you are already filled with your individual dispositions, propensities, etc., then I am lost.

So every day make it a point to have no will of your own. Consciously try to feel that my will is your will. When the Christ said, "Let Thy Will be done," this was the highest realisation expressed by a human tongue. You can also feel the necessity for your will to be totally and indivisibly one with my will. Early in the morning, the first thing you must do is to pray to the Supreme like this: "I offer my will to my Guru. Let his light flow in and through me." My will represents the Will of the Supreme.

I wish to tell you that it is infinitely easier to go to the Highest through me than to enter into the Supreme directly. You may feel that there is no necessity for a spiritual Master, but how are you going to reach the Goal? There are many rungs on the spiritual ladder, and if you do not climb up them, then how are you going to get to the top? So early in the morning, every day, try to surrender your will and, at the same time, try to feel that my will is your will in a divinised form. Then you will see that there can be no problem in your life of aspiration and realisation.