Question: What exercises would you recommend to me so that I can remember your presence during your physical absence?

Sri Chinmoy: When you are in my physical presence, please try to feel one thing: that the divine within me, not the human in me, is all love for you. Feel that there is nothing that the divine within me will not do for you. You have to feel that you have a free access to my soul. If you have to go from your living room to your bedroom, there may be some obstruction in between the two rooms. But if you want to go from your existence and enter into my divine existence, there will be no resistance. If you want to enter into my spiritual heart, the heart which has been serving the Supreme in you and in everyone, then you will find no difficulty in entering there. There will be no obstruction whatsoever between your aspiration and my illumination. If you can remember this, then you will be able to remember my presence.

If you try to run from one room to another room in your house, you may bump into something and break your leg. But in the case of the divine in me, the faster you run to it, the sooner you will get it. And the sooner you get it, the better for you, for me and for everyone.