Question: Should we look at you with our hands folded while we meditate?

Sri Chinmoy: You do not have to look at me. If your eyes are hurting from tension, then keep them closed for a minute or two, but not indefinitely. If you keep your eyes half or a quarter open, I will be very grateful. Otherwise in most of the cases, the disciple just enters into a relaxed consciousness. He enters into the world of sleep and he is unaware of it. He thinks he has meditated but he has only slept. Unconscious is the right word.

When you keep your eyes open, it is called the lion's meditation. On the one hand you are aware of what is happening around you and, at the same time, you are in touch with the inner worlds. You are keeping full mastery of both the inner world and the outer world. But don't strain your eyes. If necessity demands, close your eyes for a moment.

If you look at me with folded hands, you will receive much more than otherwise. When you fold your hands, the Supreme in me receives devotion from you. At that time your entire body becomes a burning flame of aspiration and prayer. The entire body-consciousness aspires. If you fold your hands and you are in a cheerful frame of mind, your prayer will be infinitely more soulful than otherwise. At that time, even the gross physical tries to offer itself to God, and it receives what God wants to give in a most soulful manner.

So if you can look at me in a very cheerful and soulful mood when you fold your hands, you will be able to increase your humility, devotion and other divine qualities. The significance of folding one's hands is to bow down to the Inner Pilot who is guiding me and who is guiding you. With folded hands you show devotion to the Supreme in you and to the Supreme in me.