Question: Sometimes when you look around at us during meditation, when you start coming close to looking at me, I become frightened, and I don't know why.

Sri Chinmoy: You are afraid of me because you feel that you will be exposed. Unconsciously you may think, "In the morning I was jealous, I doubted my spiritual life or I did something else wrong." Immediately the mind thinks of something, and you become afraid. But if you feel at that moment, "No, I am not the mind, I am the heart," then you will not be afraid. When a child sees his mother or his father coming close to him, if he knows that he has done something wrong, he will be afraid. If he has not done anything wrong, then he will not be afraid. But if he has a very kind and loving father, then even if the child has done something wrong, he will not be afraid, because he knows that his father will not give him a slap or scold him. It is his father's concern to perfect him that he sees.

The moment you have faith in your Master, you feel, "It is my concern to be good, and it is his concern to make me good." Then you will have no fear. The moment you think that you have done something wrong, either in your mind or in your actions, feel that my concern to make you perfect is infinitely greater than your concern to perfect yourself. Then there will be no fear. Fear comes because you feel that you will be exposed by my light. Instead, if you can feel that it is not with your effort but with my power, with my compassion that you will be able to change, then you will not be afraid. First you have to feel that ninety-nine per cent will be done by my concern and compassion, and one per cent will be done by your own power. Later, you will feel that that one per cent was also my effort. In this way, there can be no fear, no matter how close or penetrating the light is.

Feel that you are the heart. If you feel that your heart has the capacity to identify with my compassion, forgiveness, concern, love and blessing, if you can identify yourself with my positive qualities, then your negative qualities — fear, doubt, anxiety and worries — will automatically go away.