Question: How much does your outer life reflect your inner life?

Sri Chinmoy: For spiritual Masters, their inner life is like an ocean; their outer life is only a tiny drop. But that tiny drop the disciples and the seekers have to be satisfied with, for that drop is more than enough for them to receive. It is sometimes too much for them, beyond their capacity.

You may see that every evening I am here, there, everywhere, but I know how many things are happening inside me. I may be enjoying someone's performance; it may be giving me real joy. But at the same time I am dealing with many other things. I am smiling, laughing, enjoying, but inside me arrows of suffering are coming from the disciples, from Centres and also from people whom I do not know at all. I do not know their names or anything, but they have seen that there is a place where the heart is a little big, so they send their suffering. If you ask me who they are, I will not be able to tell you, but they are coming to me inwardly.