Question: When you say " Aum," do you contact the Infinite?

Sri Chinmoy: Aum is the name of God, God in His three major aspects. "A" represents God the Creator, "U" represents God the Preserver, and "M" represents God the Transformer. When I chant Aum, I enter into my highest consciousness. When I am in real meditation, at that time if I chant Aum once, I enter into my highest transcendental Consciousness, where Infinity, Eternity and Immortality play together. But if I am giving a talk, and during the talk I say the word Aum, that does not mean that I am entering into my highest consciousness or contacting the Infinite. At that time my purpose is different: it is just to throw light on the aspiring souls. If they want to go deeper inside my consciousness or into their own highest consciousness, then they have to meditate. Then if we chant Aum together at the end of meditation, we can enter into the highest worlds.