Question: If we are nice to others, won't they be nice to us?

Sri Chinmoy: We think that if we are nice to others, then everybody will be nice to us, but it is not true. You may be very nice, but I can be nasty. No matter how nice, pure or sincere you are, if there is a monkey beside you, the very nature of the monkey is to bite you. You think, "Oh, if I am a saint, the monkey is not going to bite me." You can be a saint but still the monkey will bite. So no matter how sincere you are, the very nature of the hostile forces is to attack.

I am a nice man, but two days ago while I was sitting on the playing field, a wasp came and stung me. I think I have more purity and spirituality than anyone else presently there, but of all the people it had to come to me.