The great liberator-snake

Gambhirananda was a great spiritual Master. While still in his youth, before he became known as a great Master with tremendous occult power, he happened one day to pass by a cottage owned by a great aspirant. He did not know anything about the owner, and when he entered into the cottage nobody was there. He stayed inside the cottage and meditated there for three days. Each night a snake appeared before him.

When the actual owner came back, he was surprised and happy to see a young seeker. Gambhirananda told the owner about the snake. The owner said, "I have been meditating here for twelve years in order to see that snake. It is not a mere snake. It is a great spiritual Master, a great liberator, who takes the form of a snake. Whoever sees the snake will, without fail, be liberated. I am so happy that you have seen the snake. I am so proud that you have taken shelter in my little cottage."

Commentary: The human in us will never know when the God-Hour will strike. It is the divine in us that knows when the God-Hour is about to strike for us. The human in us is always puzzled even when the God-Hour strikes. But the divine in us knows that it is a normal occurrence that takes place unseen by our human eyes and unnoticed by our human mind. God's Hour strikes when man is ready with his unconditional surrender-bell.