Music: aspiration-bud and Realisation-flower

Gambhirananda was a great musician. He used to play on the sitar most hauntingly. A spiritual Master named Bijoykrishna opened an Ashram with his own disciples near Gambhirananda's home. But in the middle of the night when Bijoykrishna would hear Gambhirananda playing on the sitar in the distance, Bijoykrishna would run through the forest, which was filled with dangerous and ferocious animals, without being afraid, only to place himself at Gambhirananda's feet.

Commentary: Gambhirananda's outer music helped even another Master's aspiration increase. His inner music accelerated the speed of God's March within Bijoykrishna. The outer music brings our soul to the fore. The inner music helps us to see God's Compassion-Eye, His Illumination-Feet and His Satisfaction-Delight.