Master, you have and you are the man-saving power

Gambhirananda had a very close attendant named Akki who served him for many years. One day Akki became extremely ill quite unexpectedly and died. His younger brother, Munni, came running to the Master, crying. He touched his Master's feet and said, "You have to save your favourite disciple, Akki. He has died."

Gambhirananda said, "I do not claim to have that kind of power."

Munni said, "You don't have to claim to have it. I am claiming it on your behalf. You do have that power."

Gambhirananda could not refuse Munni's loving emotional demand, so he went with Munni to see his disciple's dead body. When the Master sprinkled a few drops of water from a sacred vessel on Akki's body, Akki came back to life.

Commentary: Death-power snatched Akki away, but his Master's Compassion-power brought him back. Death says to the body, "Look what I can do." The Master says to death, "I do not deny your capacity, but God has given me a higher capacity. You believe in God's cosmic Law. I, too, believe in God's cosmic Law, but at times God gets tremendous joy by breaking His own cosmic Law, if by doing so He can increase the aspiration for Light and Truth in a seeker."