Don't think of anything else: just eat and be happy

Once three renunciates came to Bhaskarananda’s home. They meditated with him and asked him a few questions, and were very pleased with the answers. After a while Bhaskarananda asked them to stay and eat with him.

“Oh, no, we can’t,” said the renunciates. “You are poor and we will not be able to get the things we want.”

Bhaskarananda said, “Just let me hear what you want to eat.”

The renunciates mentioned four different kinds of Indian sweetmeats, and also asked for a few oranges. Then they resumed their conversation with Bhaskarananda.

In a few minutes’ time, to their wide surprise, three most beautiful young boys came up to the Master and placed at his feet a large plate of sweetmeats — the ones the renunciates had wanted — plus a basketful of oranges. The renunciates asked Bhaskarananda how this was possible.

The Master smiled and said, “Just eat and be happy. Is anything impossible in God’s creation?”

Commentary: Blessed are those who get spiritual food from the Master. Doubly blessed are those who get both spiritual food and material food from the Master. With the material food the Master energises their earthly reality-body so that the body can be of service to the spirit. With the spiritual food the Master keeps the immortality of the soul glowing, flowing, manifesting and fulfilling.