Marriage predestined

A couple who were disciples of Bhaskarananda once came to him with a serious problem. An astrologer, who also happened to be a disciple, had cast the horoscope of their only son, Ganesh. The astrologer told them that their son would die in an accident at the age of sixteen, and he advised the parents not to allow the son to marry. The father wanted to listen to the astrologer’s advice, but the mother wanted the son to get married, so they came to the Master to learn what they should do.

Bhaskarananda said, “Yes, your son should marry. It is predestined. You are right that it will be a deplorable experience for his wife to become a widow at a very tender age. But I clearly see that this girl has a special connection with him in the soul’s world, and both of them are destined to get married. Both he and she need this experience. Ganesh is now thirteen years old. It is true that he is supposed to die at the age of sixteen, but I shall delay his death for a couple of years. I will not allow him to die until I die.”

So Ganesh got married. A few years went by, and he passed his sixteenth birthday without incident. Then one day Bhaskarananda was attacked by the most fatal disease in India, cholera. On the same day, Ganesh fell from a horse and was knocked unconscious. Ganesh remained senseless for three days and Bhaskarananda suffered from cholera also for three days. Bhaskarananda passed away at noon on the third day, and at that very moment Ganesh also left the world.

Commentary: Experience is of prime importance. Sometimes the experience of union, sometimes the experience of separation, sometimes the experience of re-union, sometimes the experience of eternal separation are necessary for the physical reality in us. To make progress and, while making progress, to realise that there is only one Reality Supreme — this is the experience that is constantly needed both here on earth and there in Heaven. And that Reality Supreme is God Himself.

With his yogic power, Bhaskarananda kept Ganesh on earth for a few years more than his due; otherwise, Ganesh would have passed away before. To give him and his dear ones experiences that would help them in future incarnations, the Master gave Ganesh an extended lease on life. True spiritual Masters can do this, but they do it only when it has been decreed by the Absolute Supreme.