A citadel of strength and a lighthouse of simplicity was Ishwar Chandra. To the poor he was Dayar Sagar (the Ocean of Kindness), to the learned he was Vidyasagar (the Ocean of Knowledge), to the humble he was the most humble-minded of men, though he never admitted the fact, and to the proud and the arbitrary he was the lion-hearted rival.

It was Vidyasagar who introduced into Bengali society the remarriage of widows of tender age. At this, a multitude of people let loose a flood of abuse upon him. He stoically braved all calumny.

"There is none in Bengal," said Vivekananda, "who has not in some way or other derived benefit from the multifarious activities of Vidyasagar."

Vidyasagar was a man of supreme genius whose memory one can cherish as an invaluable treasure.