Ashutosh Mukherji

Ashutosh Mukherji was India's very, very great son and also Bengal's devoted child. Ashutosh was known as the "Bengal Tiger", and he did many brave and courageous things for his Mother India. As the head of Calcutta University, Ashutosh sacrificed his all so that the University could stand on the same footing as the highest=ranking schools in the country.

It is from him that his brothers and sisters of Bengal came to learn that, though under foreign yoke, they were not under foreign tongue. The Bengali language had to come to the fore. That Bengali is taught even in the highest course is due to his prodigious labour extending over years. Come what may, ever a view-changer was he. The education he sought to impart in the University was not the so-called education stamped with official approval by our alien rulers. The education he desired to give — rather, gave — was well calculated to foster in the student community the innate sense of true dignity, manhood and individuality.