Babar was the first of the great Moghul emperors of India. When his son Humayan was a young man, he fell seriously ill. Day by day his condition grew worse, until his death seemed imminent.

Then a saint came to Babar and said, "If you sacrifice something most precious to you, only then will your son be cured. The Kohinoor diamond is most precious."

The Emperor said, "The Kohinoor is my son's possession. What kind of sacrifice would that be? I have to sacrifice something of my own. My life alone is most precious. I am ready to give my life."

Then he walked around his son's bed three times, offering this prayer: "Allah, take my life instead of my son's. Let me die in his place, and let him live on earth. This is my only prayer and my most willing sacrifice."

To Babar's wide surprise, after he had completed three rounds, his son stood up completely well. But immediately Babar fell ill and in three months' time he died.