Once the Moghul Emperor Humayan was fighting a terrible battle against his enemy. The enemy's army was extremely powerful and outnumbered Humayan's army. As Humayan's army was falling back, the Emperor's horse slipped and fell into a nearby river. The horse drowned and Humayan, badly hurt, was being tossed around helplessly in the rough current.

A water carrier named Nizam, who was a humble man of low caste, dove bravely into the river and held out his leather bag so the Emperor could float across the river to safety. Both men held the bag and the water carrier protected the wounded Emperor until they reached the other shore.

The Emperor was so moved. He said, "You have come and saved me. Now I am helpless, but I promise you that when I go back to Agra and am once more seated on my throne, I shall give you my throne for one day."

The Emperor kept his promise, and Nizam did sit on his throne for one day.