Question: Will the consciousness of the world ever shift so that the countries with the most spiritual wealth — like India — as opposed to the most material wealth will be looked to as the world leaders?

Sri Chinmoy: That is what we all hope for. In fact, that is what God Himself wants. But first let us see which country can really, unmistakably and self-givingly come to the forefront to take the role of leadership. That particular country has to be fully awakened, fully bloomed and fully blossomed. God alone knows which country that will be. Again, even if a particular country is ready to lead, which countries will follow it? There will always be some countries that will never, never follow the lead of any other country in spite of knowing full well inwardly that another country is by far the best and this country has the capacity to change the face and fate of the world. Some countries will not be receptive enough to accept its light or will not have enough light themselves to acknowledge the superiority and abide by the will of that particular country. Again, there will be many countries that will be fully awakened to the light, and will definitely follow the country that has the wisdom and inner light to lead and guide the rest of the world.