Question: The West tries to blame India's lack of outer progress on her spirituality. How can India defend her soul's righteousness?

Sri Chinmoy: India does not have to defend her soul's righteousness. India has come into existence only to abide by God's Decree and God's Command. Some people may say that the sun is not bright enough or that it is losing its power and warmth day by day, but the sun does not have to defend itself. The sun only has to shine on and on. There are countless people who appreciate its power and light. If others do not believe in it, that is their loss, their supreme loss.

Similarly, India does not have to defend her spirituality. If others do not recognise it, or if others blame India's lack of outer progress on her spiritual development, it will be their deplorable mistake. If the West says, "Because of this or that, India is not making outer progress," then India can also say, "Because of this and that, America is not making inner progress." But it does no good for America or India to criticise one another like this. We have to feel that the world is one — a oneness-home — and we have to pray for the development, the success and the progress of all the countries, not only our own country. Only then are we doing the right thing.