Lord Vishnu: Dhruva, my Dhruva, ask Me for any boon. Immediately I shall grant it.

Dhruva: O my Lord, my eternal Lord, You have granted me everything I wanted. You have given me all that I wanted and beyond, far beyond my imagination's flight. What more do I need?

Lord Vishnu: No, Dhruva, I want to give you something more. I want to give you a particular place of your own. Yours will be a divine station far above the earthly world. You will become one with the real Dhruva: Dhruva Tara, the pole-star. You will sustain all the stars and other planets in their course. You will guide the aspiring, seeking, struggling world. You will show the earth the world of Light and Delight. You will be the guiding star, the pole-star. It is with you that the earth-consciousness will enter into My Life of infinite Peace, Light and Bliss.

(Excerpt from a short play entitled "Dhruva")