The great sage Bhrigu was also an astrologer of the highest magnitude. He wanted to know for certain who was the most compassionate among the three principal cosmic gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. So he went to Brahma's house without permission and entered like an intruder. Then he spoke roughly with Brahma. Brahma became furious.

Bhrigu left and went to Shiva's house. He forced open the door and started unjustly criticising Shiva. Shiva's anger is of the quickest. He was about to turn the sage into ashes, but the sage left and went to Vishnu's house. Vishnu was fast asleep, lying on his back. Bhrigu placed his right foot on the middle of Vishnu's chest. Vishnu opened his eyes and to Bhrigu's utter amazement, caught his leg and soulfully began massaging his foot. "I am so sorry," Vishnu said. "Are you hurt?" Immediately the sage came to understand which god is the most compassionate of the three.